Single File Line Trailer

"Should've saw it coming..."

84 Area Covers Far Out Show

Click HERE to read the review of the live show featured on 84 Area.

Trace Carefully...

From the "Stencil" video shoot.

Leslie Mack - Fix You Cover (Live) feat. Me

Leslie Mack and myself performing a cover of "Fix You" by Coldplay.

Princeton Hip Hop Symposium (2011)

Sitting on a Hip Hop discussion panel for Princeton University.

SOB 2/27/11

Dope shot from one of the SOB Shows.

"How To Make It" - Translee x Bias x Glenn

This is a dope track that Far Out did in collaboration with Digital Nativ3 Culture. Hopefully there will be more of these to come. Check out some of Translee's stuff HERE.
Video done by the awesome Terence Rushin.